Vanilla and Coconut Soy Candle


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: Luxury Scented Soy Candle, elegant in any room, beautifully presented with chrome lid, ribbon and gift box.

: Long lasting aroma with up to 40-45 hours burn time, with triple scent giving excellent value for money.

: Vanilla and Coconut Scented Candles, the ever so popular sweet fragrance of vanilla combined with the warm baked coconut infused together will leave your home with a lasting delicious aroma.

: Clear Scented Candle Jar has an elegant look for any room, finished off with its chrome lid with ribbon and presented in beautiful gift box, this candle would be ideal for a gift idea.

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Luxury Soy Vanilla and Coconut scented Candles, a widely popular fragrance Vanilla infused with coconut is a beautiful aroma to have around your home or office.