Lime Basil and Mandarin Scented Luxury Candle



  • ➤ WAKE UP YOUR SENSES: Kick Start your day with a juicy and refreshing fusion of lime, basil and mandarin fragrance. It will wake up your senses and give you the much-required boost to leave the bed and start your day.
  • ➤ LONG LIFE: Our scented candles are made to last longer up to 45 hours. They burn evenly and slowly to veil your airspace with the relaxing aroma of a modern-day classic scent of lime, basil and mandarin.
  • ➤ SPECIAL GIFT IDEA: Soul cheering scent of Quinn Lilly’s jar candle is the perfect gift to express feelings to someone you love and care the most. Social events like Weddings, Anniversary or Christmas would be the perfect example where you can present this candle.
  • ➤ NATURAL INGREDIENTS: We have used biodegradable and eco-friendly natural soy wax and paraffin in our luxury candles. They burn clean with no black smoke and refreshing aromatic scent as we do not use artificial flavors and chemicals.
  • ➤ GUARANTEE: Quinn Lilly’s scented candles will make your time pleasant and relaxing. However, if you are not satisfied with our product, you can ask for a replacement in case of an issue or return the product and claim your 100% money back.lime