Candle Care

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Candle Care

Our candles have a long lasting burn time, but would advise not to burn any more than 3 hours at a time, this will maximise the potential of the candle giving more fragrance after each burn.

Trim the wick down to a ¼ of an inch after each burn, this will prevent the flame from smocking and give the candle a longer life. If your candle gives off a sooty smoke smell this indicates the wick needs to be trimmed, this will eradicate the smell.

Do not burn your candle close to any draught space or next to any heat source as this will cause your candle to burn unevenly, also make sure you place the candle on an even surface.

Avoid placing your candle in direct exposure to sunlight or harsh indoor lighting, this cause the wax to fade and dry out.

Any extra wax you have around the inside of the glass, try avoid using a knife or sharp object to scrape off, this can weaken and scratch the glass, and through time this is a danger as the glass could break. Good tip is place the candle in the freezer for an hour which will harden the wax and will then just peel off in your hand.

When the first burning of your candle, make sure it melts over the entire surface of the candle, this prevents from tunnelling and the uneven burn for future use.

Extinguish your candle using a snuffer, when blowing the candle out this can cause splashing of hot wax that can be dangerous.

To remove any dust or fingerprints, use a soft or nylon cloth by gently rubbing the surface, the cloth can be slightly wet or using a dry cloth also works.

Always read the manufacturers warning instructions before use and keep out the way of children.